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New: Full Control, COMING SOON.

The brand new Full Control range from Kärcher allows you to effectively harness the power of your pressure washer. The innovative new LED display gives you direct feedback as to the pressure setting you are on. This allows you to achieve the best possible result for your home.

Detergent can be pulled through in mix mode.

Soft setting is perfect for cleaning soft and sensitive surfaces.

Medium setting is perfect for cleaning your car.

Hard setting, perfect for removing stubborn dirt.

Full Control Spray Lances

When you first come to use your pressure washer, you are guided as to the correct spray lance depending on the surface you wish to clean. The symbols on the spray lances correspond to those you will find on the LED display of the trigger gun. This helps to ensure you achieve the best results in your home.

Telescopic aluminium handle for easy transportation and makes for a compact storage solution.

Hose guidance system helps prevent twisting in your high-pressure hose, giving you access to the full length of the hose.

Easy storage of your spray lances when in use or tidied away. Detergent can be quickly and easily changed.

The stability foot makes your pressure washer extremely stable. It also double up as a second carrier handle, making transportation easy.