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Metalworking generates debris that pushes vacuum systems to their limits: sharp-edged metal shavings and dust, aggressive coolants and lubricants. Only very robust industrial vacuums are capable of vacuuming these types of substances regularly, reliably and in a way that allows the waste to be recycled. Enter the IVR from Kärcher.

Robust, robust, robust. And perfectly equipped for your tasks. The three IVR model series offer the ideal machines for vacuuming and separating solids and liquids in the metal processing industry.

With machine casing made from strong sheet steel 1.25 mm thick (plus protective coating) or stainless steel, IVR machines are extremely hard-wearing. Since most connections are welded, this maximally increases the robustness of the machines against abrasive substances, impacts, aggressive media and demanding operating conditions. All IVR machines are equipped with kink-resistant flexi-cords, which are as wear-resistant and oil-resistant as the smooth-running machine wheels from the attachment kit. All IVR machines are systematically designed and equipped for the highest level of robustness. Because robustness is the basis of durability, and therefore cost-effectiveness.

Resilience that lasts for years

Precisely welded connections guarantee a high level of durability for heavy-duty industrial use.

Extra strong machine casing

1.25 mm machine casing (before painting) – and even thicker where necessary.

Highly  flexible cord

The cord remains undamaged, even when under extreme strain e.g. kinking.

The right unit series for every purpose.

Discover the new Kärcher professional vacuum cleaners, specially designed for the metal processing industry.

IVR vacuums

The IVR range is ideal for vacuuming dusts, swarf and small amounts of fluid.

Efficient filter technology makes the IVR ideal for vacuuming non-explosive dusts and fine suction waste.

Large pocket filter with inner grille for long periods of vacuuming without loss of suction power. Filter area 1.4 m²/1.75 m², dust class M.

Long filter service life thanks to the baffle plate for protecting the filter. Efficient filter cleaning with good shock transfer via the inner grille.

Simple, time-saving machine handling thanks to clear control elements.

Ergonomic set-down trolley for safe and userfriendly emptying of the waste container.

IVR-L vacuums

The vacuum cleaners in the IVR-L range reliably maintain long working periods when vacuuming and separating coolants and lubricants with swarf.

Reliable machines for vacuuming metal shavings and/or liquids like coolants, emulsion drilling fluids and oil.

The swarf basket attachment kit separates solids and liquids during the vacuuming process which can then be recirculated or recycled.

As overflow protection when vacuuming liquids, for example when changing emulsion, the  float attachment kit with suction flow interrupter can be retrofitted.

The central suction duct is non-abrasive and ensures time-saving operation thanks to its flexible 360° working radius.

The transparent emptying hose enables easy emptying and allows the user to check the fill level without interruptions.

IVR-B vacuums

The machines in the IVR-B range are ideal for continuous vacuuming in confined spaces.

IVR-B machines are ideal for vacuuming swarf, punchings, granulate and other coarse suction waste in confined spaces.

The compact, low design of the IVR-B means that it can be used in confined spaces, for example in recesses, production cells and under workbenches.

The simple design with robust, durable components allows intuitive and time-saving operation of all IVR-B machines.

Additional sound-damping ensures whisper-quiet operation which supports health and safety in the workplace.

Compact cartridge filter with 0.7 m² filter area for effective motor protection and exhaust filter for vacuuming coarse material.